Recently, I’ve embarked on a quest to expand my skill set when it comes to photo restoration. Images that I restore either come straight from the original negative, or from a print. I’ve restored photos from negatives as old as 85 years and even colorized some. Some of the work I do is for clients, but a lot of it is also just for myself. I’m fascinated with history, and bringing photos to life through restoration and colorization is an incredibly satisfying feeling. Here are a few examples of recent restorations I’ve done.

Winter in Northeast Ohio is cold and can be very discouraging for any outdoor activities, especially taking photos. Instead of letting this prevent me from creating, I decided to take a different approach to creating imagery.  I spent a good chunk of winter working on composite images. Composite imagery is created when one uses multiple photos, or images to create one final image. Spending a lot of time going through my hard drive and digging up old photos, and clocking a lot of hours in Photoshop, I finally started getting the hang of this technique. I learned a lot of helpful tricks, and techniques for editing photos along the way. My next step for creating composite images will be incorporating people into my work. Check out the images below to see what I’ve been working on!

Stars and Atmosphere is a series I started in the spring of 2017. I’ve always been fascinated with stars and the night sky, and with the use of a camera I can capture in great detail the way the stars light up and trail across the sky. Unfortunately, much of the sky in the United States and the world is filled with light pollution, which is why my goal with Stars and Atmosphere is to travel to rural and remote parts of the country less touched by mankind and capture the beauty of the stars and space the way it was seen before light pollution. This is a continuous series, so expect new photos to be posted on a semi-regular basis.